Points and Rewards

You  get rewarded for interacting with our website 

1 Point = 1 S.R/AED

You can use this points as discount in your orders upto 20% of the total value of the product

Get 20 Point For Registering ( Its Free )

You can register within 1 minute from the link belo

https://abayah.com/profiles-ad... ( Click Here To Register )

Get 2 Points For Reviewing Any Product 

Even if you didn't buy it . Just write good full opinion about the product

rate it , if its approved you will get 2 points

(note: we will guide you if your review was not approved )

Get 20 Points For Reviewing Any Product You Bought

Just write your honest experience with product you bought from us.

If approved you will get 20 points.

Rating the product as 1 Star will still be approved. We will filter only

any not acceptable words.

Get Rewards According To Your Membership

  • Silver Membership = Purchase from 100 to 5000 S.R/AED
  • Gold Membership  = Purchase from 5000 to 10000 S.R/AED
  • Diamond  Membership  = Purchase from 10000 S.R/AED upward

you will be assigned to the membership automatically 

Normal / Silver Membership all Users

Get 2% Reward Points for buying any product

Example: Product Price 1000 S.R/AED

Your Reward will be 20 Point

Gold Members

Get Rewarded 2.5% Points for Buying 

Diamond Members 

Get Rewarded 3% Points for Buying


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