About our company

The story of how Abaya.com started

written by Mohammed Ambusaidi - CEO Abayah.com

The beginning was the suffering of my sisters in buying abayas:

The story of Abaya.com started years ago when I used to bring my sisters from Oman to the Emirates for entertainment and the most important thing was shopping. 
One of the most important stations was the purchase of abayas, and they had many reasons, including the large number of models and the latest, the excellent quality and the appropriate price, which was often half what was sold in our country at that time. But the worst thing that I and they were going through was the way of shopping from one mall to another and a crowded place to another more crowded and the lack of parking and delays and details. What prepares for time or measurement needs time to adjust while I wait in the street, 
there was always something disturbing the peace Trips are supposed to be fun, but because of logistical matters, instead of enjoying the topic, it becomes a task or a duty that must be done hard.

United Arab Emirates Forum for designers and creators:

The United Arab Emirates is a meeting place for the best designers of abayas, whether they are celebrities or 
small abaya stores spread across the country from Dubai to Sharjah to Ajman. That is why I thought about what can be done to make the
 issue of buying and tailoring abayas an enjoyable, easy and saving topic for women who are looking for high-quality options and distinctive shapes at
 reasonable prices for everyone. For lovers of excellence and elegance.

Our goal:

1: Provide the best quality and service to our customers
2: Make the shopping process enjoyable and special for Arab women
3: Providing a wide and varied assortment to suit all tastes and budgets, with a focus on quality products
4: Providing a platform for creative designers in the Arab world to spread their designs, fashions and models to the whole world
5: Supporting local designers and local production instead of buying from the West, to advance our economy together
6: Saving you time and trouble to get the best products that suit you and protect your health and your family from epidemics

More than 10 years investing in services:

Because of my preoccupation with managing my business in the Sultanate, the matter was delayed for years, as I run the Itqan Foundation for Design and Investment 
with high-level clients such as the Petroleum Development Company of Oman, the Omani Telecom Company, the Royal Office, the Ministry of Justice, 
and most of the sheikhs in his place in the Sultanate, from undersecretaries of ministries to governors of regions 50 employees. 
I did not have enough time at the time to work on the project, which I am sure will solve a big problem for women who are looking for something special 
and at the right price. But as the saying goes, every delay is good, and I think that the need for such a service has become urgent, 
especially with the spread of the Corona virus and crowding and going out may expose us and our people to great dangers, 
regardless of the trouble you spend visiting exhibitions and stores to see the models that are suitable for you.

Abaya.com is our investment after more than 10 years of experience and the awards we received:

1: Best Small and Medium Enterprise - Star Trade Award
2: Best Small and Medium Enterprise Merchant - Star Trade Award
3: Best website in the Arab world in e-commerce - Pan Web Award

You are in a site that will provide you with the highest service and care, because this is the thing that will make our customers trust us to buy time after time.
And this is what we will endeavor to do with all of our clients.

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