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Abayah Customer Testimonials

Abayah .com is specialized website in Arab wear including Luxury Abaya , Elegant Abaya, Plain Abaya, Bisht Abaya, Casual Abaya as well as events abayas for weddings , parties and events. We have large collection of Colorful and Modern abayas designed and produced by local designers from GCC.

We also offer accessories and clothes that suit modern gulf and Arab women such as high class dresses , Moroccan kaftans , evening and occasion dresses with multiple options of colors and styles. Gulf delinquents ( Mukhawart ) also offered with variety of colors and styles.

You can filter results of the abayas from by styles. We offer summer , winter, cold, French, Arabic, Khaliji styles from Saudi Arabia , Kuwaiti , Bahraini , Omani to Emirati styles.

We offer frees shipping to all GCC countries , Jordan , Egypt , United Kingdom and Indonesia with low shipping rate for other countries. We also offer free return if you are not happy with your garment ( conditions applied )